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Mom Was Waiting for Us in the Dark

Grief and the holidays go together like peanut butter and jelly. I have found that grief will hit you like a cosmic bitch slap out of nowhere; suddenly, you find yourself crying into a pile of Kleenex while you are trying to clean your desk.

I know that comforting a loved one in a moment of grief can be hard. I have found the following to be extremely helpful for me -- tell me a story about my lost loved one, hug me, or say I don't know what to say. It is such a vulnerable moment, and the worst thing you can do for the person grieving is to brush past it and not acknowledge it. It honestly hurts more than the feeling of grief. So, if you are confronted by a grieving loved one this holiday season - DON'T PANIC. JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH and BE IN THE MOMENT WITH THEM. That's all we really want.

Here is a story I had published by SPILLWORDS for their "12 Days of Christmas."

The string quartet begins to play the opening bars from “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” The music hits me right in the middle of my chest, and my heart begins to shake off any remnants of sadness. It stretches and expands, opening up and letting my little family inside. I hold each of them, and with each beat of my heart, I bring them a bit closer to me, to us.

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