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  • Amelia Dellos

I'm excited to announce that my novel Delilah Recovered will be published this year with Atmosphere Press.

Delilah Recovered is coming soon!

Dee is an unemployed accountant managing an anxiety disorder and an eviction notice. She's also a powerful witch, but she doesn't know that yet.

Until one fateful night, when her reality cracks wide open. Two witch hunters attack her, and she finally learns the truth.

Well, part of it. As a descendent of Joan of Arc, her family is the “guardian of the ring.” Uncovering this information only leaves her with more questions. Why did her coven banish her for three hundred years? Why is the ring so important? Why has her true identity been kept a secret from her?

To put all the missing pieces together, she must go on a series of mind-altering quests. She’ll risk life and limb to recover the facts traveling through time from the court of the Sun King Louis XIV of France to the Salem Witch Trials. Meanwhile, she searches Chicago’s shadows to find and translate her family's grimoire pages, only to discover she’s the guardian of King Solomon’s ring and the power it holds to command good and evil.

From the safety of reality to the underbelly of a secret world, she must take her rightful place to protect witches and humans from the ring.

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This month I am reading poetry at a music recital AND leading a workshop on creativity!


A music & poetry recital

Feb. 18

I am so honored to participate in this recital produced by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Kathrine Eldridge. Kathrine is a talented flutist producing this recital with an Illinois Arts Council Agency grant.

“Through this concert, my goal is to shine a light on the beauty found amongst our suffering with words, music, and art. Seeing the resurgence of the Coronavirus made me realize how important it is to share my art journaling practice that has helped me cope during these uncertain times. I hope to inspire others to start their own practice whether it be with music, poetry, or art," explained musician Kathrine Eldridge.

Event Details

Tickets are $10 and on sale now at

Cultivating Your Creativity

Online writing workshop

Feb. 27

The Chicago Screenwriters Network is bringing me back once again to do an online workshop. I am super excited about this topic -- fun and easy ways to get the creativity flowing.

About this event

For some writers, the pandemic has provided a creative boost. For others? Not so much. It doesn’t matter where you land, come hang out with master storytelling maven Amelia Dellos to discuss and practice techniques to get your creativity flowing. This will be an interactive workshop with a free write, a demonstration of how mind mapping works, and tips to take on the dreaded writer’s block. Writers are guaranteed to leave this workshop inspired and ready to write.

Event details

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  • Amelia Dellos

If I’m completely honest, I never set out to be an urban gardener or an urban composter, for that matter. A few years ago, when my neighbor Ms. Diane flew away to Mexico for her long-anticipated retirement, I took on our building’s communal garden. She left big gardening clogs to fill. Ms. Diane’s garden was a tribute to wildflowers of the Midwest, and it took hours to maintain. At the time, I didn’t really have any idea what I was taking under my purview. I didn’t have a green limb anywhere to be found on my body. And between us, I didn’t have an extreme passion for it.

For the complete story, please visit my Medium page Amelia Tells Stories.

My garden had a secret surprise for me this summer.

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