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Tanagra Será, Será @ The Met * Monday, March 28, 2022* (Approx. 1 PM EST) New York City

Are we lost again?

Of course, we are

Walking in circles, holding the map upside down, I couldn’t find the painting,
but I came across a taxidermied deer embalmed for eternity in wonderous glass bubbles.


This taxidermied deer has been transformed through the artist’s application of variably sized glass beads called “PixCells,” a term he invented that conflates the idea of a pixel (the smallest unit of a digital image) with a biological cell. PixCell-Deer#24, perhaps unintentionally, resonates with a type of Japanese religious painting known as a Kasuga Deer Mandala. These paintings feature a deer—the messenger of Shinto deities closely associated with the Kasuga Shrine, in Nara—posed with its head similarly turned to the side and bearing a round sacred mirror on its back.

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