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Jane Takes the Win & Gets an Interchange Named After Her ... 50 Years Later

To me, "The Loop" is our loopy interchange as you enter the city from 290. I grew up in Chicago in the 80s, and Jane Byrne was definitely a hero of mine. She was, as they say in the neighborhood, "one tough broad."

For the youngsters, a tough broad is-- a strong woman who doesn't intimidate easily and can do what needs to be done.

PROMPT THE LOOP: Jane Takes the Win & Gets an Interchange Named After Her ... 50 Years Later.


 Join @chicagocollagecommunity for their weeklong challenge CHICAGOLLAGE.

They invite you to make a collage a day for the week of January 1st through the 7th.

Jan 1st: Chigagou, an Algonquian word meaning “onion field.”

Jan 2nd: Chicago Transit Authority

Jan 3rd: Bike Lane

Jan 4th: The Loop

Jan 5th: Lake Front

Jan 6th: The Great Chicago Fire

Jan 7th: “urbs in horto” (or “city in a garden,” Chicago’s Motto)

 Chicagollage How To:

1. Make a collage based upon the daily prompt (analog or digital)

2. Post it on Instagram

3. Hashtag it with #chicagollage for a possible feature on the @chicagocollagecommunity page


Everyone is invited to join. Each participant can set their own goals. For example, you can choose your favorite prompt and just work on that one for the whole week. We started the Chicago Collage Community to be connected with those around us, and that is what Chicagollage is about: community, inspiration, creativity, and cut & pastes.

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