I’m Amelia, a storyteller based in Chicago.


As a storytelling siren, media maven, and writer whisperer (a.k.a writing coach), I believe a well-crafted story can change the world.


Amelia Dellos is my name and storytelling is my game. 

I wrote my first novel in third grade and I haven’t stopped writing since. On any given day you can find me using my media savvy for a public relations client, working on a novel or film project, or mentoring a writer. 


I believe a well-crafted story can change the world. 

I have seen firsthand how clear, concise messaging can change an organization from the inside out. 


I’m a master content creator.

I have what they call an integrated marketing communications background. What does that mean? I’m an enthusiastic big picture creative type who can strategize, conceptualize, and create meaningful content from start to finish. A maven of a well-crafted pitch that producers book.


I’m also an expert PR pro and an entrepreneur too.

In my twenty-five-plus years, but who’s counting career, I’ve worked in publishing, internet start-ups, the for-profit world, the nonprofit world, boutique communications agencies, and the Illinois Lottery. These communications positions have included the following vertical markets: health-care, hospitality, business travel, retail, the arts, baning, real estate, gaming, and government. 


I’ve launched not one but three businesses. After the birth of my daughter, I ran aed communications and specialized in working with small-women owned businesses. Juggling mom duty, a  small business, and a production company all at the same time. My other baby Corn Bred Films, has produced two short films and has a writing credit on a feature film. 


Recently, I led COVID-19 crisis communications for the Illinois Lottery. I’m working on a certification in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Northwestern University. As I work on my creative projects, I’m also mentoring and coaching writers.


Since co-founding Corn Bred Films in 2011, LOVE UNDER FIRE: THE STORY OF BERTHA AND POTTER PALMER, an historical documentary I produced and directed, aired on PBS Chicago and currently airs on the Hilton channel. The film was also selected for the 2014 Women's International Film Festival. OTHER PLANS, a romantic comedy I co-wrote and produced starring comedian Jamie Kennedy was released on video-on-demand in 2015. Our current project ORIOLE PARK, a coming-of-age thriller, is in pre-production and was the winner of the 2015 Chicago International Film Festival’s The Pitch and was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Sundance International Writer’s Lab.

I’m looking for representation for DELILAH: RECOVERED. The manuscript won a 2017 Watty on the international platform Wattpad.



A good story captivates us. A good story gives our lives meaning.


A good story can get us to spend two hours in a movie theater, can move us to donate to a charity or can convince us to buy a new toothpaste brand.  A good story is so much more than a  just unique value proposition or product feature. It can help connect you with the people who want to buy your product or donate to your charity.

 Public Relations

Public relations is so much more than just “free advertising.” In this day and age, when consumers are world-weary and skeptical a strategic editorial placement or a segment on the local news can help you break free from the advertising clutter.


I have found that my “sweet spot” is working in public relations. In my previous jobs, I oversaw and implemented public relations for restaurant, sports, and entertainment clients. Within one year, I more than doubled media coverage for the agency’s clients. My experience includes pitching Instagram influencers to cover five new Magna-Tiles products to producing a TODAY SHOW Baconfest Chicago segment with celebrity Chef Bobby Flay to developing a grass-roots community relations program for Key Bank.


What’s the next big idea that’s going to set you apart from your competition? I relish this challenge! I can’t wait to come up with that BIG IDEA and see it through from conception to completion.  A good promotion can catapult a new product or service or can breathe new life into an established brand.


For me, a career highlight was working with the Berghoff Restaurant to promote their annual Oktoberfest and help raise funds for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. “The World’s Longest Brat” promotion received over five million impressions worldwide on all media platforms; television, print, online, and radio. 


Over 13 years ago, I helped launch the League of Chicago Theatre’s weekly city-wide theater program Theatre Thursdays. We established this program in under six weeks without a marketing budget. The program is still going strong today!


Content Production

These days, it’s all about the content. You know you need to create MORE AND MORE CONTENT, but where do you start? The real question to ask is, how do you engage your customers and prospects in a meaningful way? The answer is, of course, with nuanced storytelling that speaks to your audience, customer, or prospect. 


During my career, I’ve written, edited, and produced content for consumers of Mommy blogs as well as for the business-to-business community, including executive recruiters to real estate valuation services. LOVE UNDER FIRE: THE STORY OF BERTHA AND POTTER PALMER, the documentary I produced and directed about The Great Chicago Fire and the story of the historic Palmer House Hotel in Chicago aired on PBS Chicago and currently airs on the Hilton’s hotel channel.

Brand Strategy

It’s a term we marketing folks love to throw around. We love to ask -- what’s your brand strategy? And nine times out of ten, it’s the one question that’ll always catch you off guard. That’s because in your day-to-day business you’re thinking about increasing your donor contributions, converting your sales leads to sales, or launching new products. Taking a step back and really defining who you are and why you do what you do is where the real marketing magic happens.


I’ve had the opportunity to work side-by-side with non-profit organizations like The 19th Century Club, IFP Chicago, and the National Hellenic Museum as well as a business-to-business industrial paint company, and consumer toy brand Magna-Tiles. Recently, I worked with IFP Chicago to update its eighteen-year-old logo. 

Writing Coach 

You’re working on a story and you’re stuck, can’t quite figure out what’s working and what’s not. 

That’s where I come in.

I can throw you a rope and pull you out of the writerly muck. It doesn’t matter if you’re staring down a blank page or lost in the labyrinth of the third act: together, we’ll figure it out. 

I give good notes. 

I do. Trust me. I’m a story maven. In all its forms, novel, script, blog posts, social media, or short stories. I can help you with scenes, plot, settings, character, dialogue, and outline.  For me, a story is a puzzle that I’m working to solve.


Let’s shut up that voice in your head.

I can talk that voice in your head down off the ledge. I can even talk to that voice in your head that’s driving you a bit mad and making it difficult for you to write. 


Don’t go it alone.

Writing is a solitary profession, but it doesn’t have to be. We all need a helping hand, even writers. 


Writing Coaching Services Include:

  • Weekly Online Writers Groups

  • Developmental Notes

  • Script Coverage

  • Beta Reader for Novels, Short Stories, or Blog Posts

  • Personal Writing Coach

But You Don't Have to Take My Word for It...

Amelia's critiques and suggestions really helped me unlock the story and really bring it to life. She’s always encouraging me to push forward. On days when I’ve been stuck and unmotivated, she’s helped me to kick things into gear. Working closely with Amelia is the best thing that's happened to my manuscript this year.” — Maria K.

Amelia has a clear vision of what needs help in a story. She quickly designs clear steps for the writer to get there. Positive and caring, Amelia draws on her own experience to support the writer in her emotional journey. You will not feel alone! — Melanie M.


Amelia is an incredible talent, in both writing and editing. Her insight into the craft of writing is inspiring. It is clear that she has studied writing for years and has a wealth of knowledge in this field.Marla N.

Let me just start by saying that Amelia’s positive vibe and encouraging attitude coupled with her amazing laser-sharp skills as a writer has made all the difference in how I think about writing, how I organize my writing, and ultimately how I present my writing.” — Maria M.


Amelia is the expert’s expert because she has so much knowledge and expertise from furthering her education and consistently building her business. Her passion for writing is true and evident when you speak with her and you can tell you will be in good hands. Cindy T.


What's your story?


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