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I’m Amelia Dellos, an

award-winning storyteller

based in Chicago.

I believe stories have the power to connect us, uplift us, and heal us.

My story.

I am a communications professional.


My focus areas include;  strategy, branding, thought leadership, and content creation. As a communications professional, I have utilized my big-picture thinking and big promotional ideas for-profit organizations, including Mondelez International, Foot Locker, the Illinois State Lottery, and non-profit organizations, the National Hellenic Museum, League of Chicago Theatres, and Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. 


Career highlights include:


  • Led the COVID-19 crisis communications for the Illinois Lottery

  • Developed an award-winning 2019 Responsible Gaming Holiday Campaign for the Illinois Lottery

  • Launched “Theater Thursdays,” a city-wide weekly theater program now in its nineteenth year

  • Produced a TODAY SHOW Baconfest Chicago segment with celebrity chef Bobby Flay

  • Created “World’s Largest Brat” promotion for Berghoff Restaurant, which generated more than 400 press hits worldwide


Dee is an unemployed accountant managing an anxiety disorder and an eviction notice. She's also a powerful witch, but she doesn't know that yet.

Until one fateful night when her reality cracks wide open as witch hunters attack, and she finally learns the truth. Well, part of it...

As a descendant of Joan of Arc, her family is the “guardian of the ring.” Uncovering this information only leaves her with more questions. Why did her coven banish her for three hundred years? Why is the ring so important? Why has her true identity been kept a secret from her?

To put all the missing pieces together, she must go on a series of mind-altering quests. She’ll risk life and limb to recover the facts, traveling through time from the court of the Sun King Louis XIV of France to the Salem Witch Trials. Meanwhile, she searches Chicago’s shadows to find and translate her family's grimoire pages, only to discover she’s the guardian of King Solomon’s ring and the power it holds to command good and evil.

From the safety of reality to the underbelly of a secret world, she must take her rightful place to protect witches and humans from the ring.


writing instructor

I am a writing instructor.


Currently teaching Writing & Rhetoric as an Adjunct Professor:




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For my film work, visit:

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What's your story?

Are looking for an award-winning storyteller, mission-driven leader, PR pro, writing instructor, writer, or filmmaker?


Contact me:



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