I’m Amelia Dellos, a storyteller based in Chicago.


As a storytelling siren, media maven, MFA candidate, and writing instructor, it's my mission to use the magic of storytelling so that through the power of story I can uplift others by creating community through understanding, healing, and connection.


Since co-founding Corn Bred Films in 2011, LOVE UNDER FIRE: THE STORY OF BERTHA AND POTTER PALMER, an historical documentary I produced and directed, aired on PBS Chicago and currently airs on the Hilton channel. The film was also selected for the 2014 Women's International Film Festival. OTHER PLANS, a romantic comedy I co-wrote and produced starring comedian Jamie Kennedy was released on video-on-demand in 2015. Our current project ORIOLE PARK, a coming-of-age thriller, is in pre-production and was the winner of the 2015 Chicago International Film Festival’s The Pitch and was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Sundance International Writer’s Lab.

I’m looking for representation for DELILAH: RECOVERED. The manuscript won a 2017 Watty on the international platform Wattpad.


A short story I wrote, “Psychopomp,” was recently published in Writing in Place: Stories from the Pandemic. It debuted on Amazon at number four in Essays and number nineteen in Short Stories.

Amelia is my name.

Storytelling is my game. 

I believe a well-crafted story can change the world. 

I have seen firsthand how clear, concise messaging can change an organization from the inside out. I'm an MFA candidate and instructor at Columbia College Chicago.


I’m a master content creator.

I have what they call an integrated marketing communications background. What does that mean? I’m an enthusiastic big picture creative type who can strategize, conceptualize, and create meaningful content from start to finish. A maven of a well-crafted pitch that producers book.


I’m also a PR pro and entrepreneur.

In my twenty-five-plus year (but who’s counting) career, I’ve worked in publishing, internet start-ups, the for-profit world, the nonprofit world, boutique communications agencies, and the Illinois Lottery. These communications positions have included the following vertical markets: healthcare, hospitality, business travel, retail, the arts, real estate, gaming, and government. 


I’ve also launched not one but three businesses. After the birth of my daughter, I created AED Communications and specialized in working with small, women-owned businesses.  Most recently, I led COVID-19 crisis communications for the Illinois Lottery. I’m working on a certification in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Northwestern University. As I work on my creative projects, I’m also mentoring and coaching writers.



Writing Coach Services

Do you need a Writing Coach?

You’re working on a story and you’re stuck, can’t quite figure out what’s working and what’s not. 

That’s where I come in.

I can throw you a rope and pull you out of the writerly muck. It doesn’t matter if you’re staring down a blank page or lost in the labyrinth of the third act: together, we’ll figure it out. 

I give good notes. 

I do. Trust me. I’m a story maven. In all its forms, novel, script, blog posts, social media, or short stories. I can help you with scenes, plot, settings, character, dialogue, and outline.  For me, a story is a puzzle that I’m working to solve.


Let’s shut up that voice in your head.

I can talk that voice in your head down off the ledge. I can even talk to that voice in your head that’s driving you a bit mad and making it difficult for you to write. 


Don’t go it alone.

Writing is a solitary profession, but it doesn’t have to be. We all need a helping hand, even writers. 


Coaching Services Include:

  • Weekly Online Writers Groups

  • Developmental Notes

  • Script Coverage

  • Beta Reader for Novels, Short Stories, or Blog Posts

  • Personal Writing Coach

But You Don't Have to Take My Word for It...


Working closely with Amelia is the best thing that's happened to my manuscript this year. — Maria K.

Amelia has a clear vision of what needs help in a story. She quickly designs clear steps for the writer to get there. Positive and caring, Amelia draws on her own experience to support the writer in her emotional journey. You will not feel alone!” — Melanie M.


Amelia is an incredible talent, in both writing and editing. Her insight into the craft of writing is inspiring. It is clear that she has studied writing for years and has a wealth of knowledge in this field.” — Marla N.

Let me just start by saying that Amelia’s positive vibe and encouraging attitude coupled with her amazing laser-sharp skills as a writer has made all the difference in how I think about writing, how I organize my writing, and ultimately how I present my writing.” — Maria M.


Amelia is the expert’s expert because she has so much knowledge and expertise from furthering her education and consistently building her business. Her passion for writing is true and evident when you speak with her and you can tell you will be in good hands.” — Cindy T.


Public Relations Services

What’s the hook?

As a savvy media maven that’s the first question, I always ask myself that question before pitching a product, service, or client.  Producers love working with me because I’m a double threat because I pitch compelling segments, and I’m super organized too. I send over a detailed call sheet before each and every segment. 

Communications Services

  • Public Relations

    • Communications Strategy & Planning

    • Media Relations

    • Promotions

    • Crisis Communications

    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Communications & Community Building

  • Storytelling/Content Creation

    • Brand Strategy & Positioning

    • Blogs

    • Video Content

    • Social Media Campaigns


Career Highlights

  • Conducted COVID-19 crisis communications for the Illinois Lottery

  • Developed an award-winning 2019 Responsible Gaming Holiday Campaign for the Illinois Lottery

  • Created an in-house video content production team for Camelot Illinois

  • Launched “Theater Thursdays” a city-wide weekly theater program now in its fifteen year

  • Produced a TODAY SHOW Baconfest Chicago segment with celebrity chef Bobby Flay

  • Established relationships and media outreach with social media influencers to promote new product launch for Magna-TilesⓇ

  • Doubled press coverage for clients during tenure at Agency 360

  • Created “World’s Largest Brat”  promotion for Berghoff Restaurant which generated more than 400 press hits worldwide 

  • Developed customized online contests and sweepstakes for Q-Interactive (formerly CPG clients

My Philosophy

As a public relations professional, my only purpose is to tell your story in a clear, concise, creative, and authentic manner that speaks to your organization's brand promise.


I've experienced first-hand how smart and strategic marketing communications can transform an organization from the inside out in my career. 


When done right, a good story and thoughtful communications plans will always bring about a positive seismic organizational change, and being a part of that transformation excites me.



What's your story?

If you’re looking for a PR pro or a writing cheerleader,

I want to hear from you.

Contact me:



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